• Employer, do you need to file TA/T4A summary online?

    Internet File Transfer – If you use payroll, commercial, or in-house developed software to manage your business, you can submit files of up to 150 MB over the Internet using the Internet file transfer application.

    Web Forms – Ideal for smaller returns use the Web Forms application to create, save, validate, and electronically file an information return containing up to 100 slips.

    Filing on paper – If you file 1 to 50 T4 slips, we encourage you to file over the Internet using Internet File Transfer or Web Forms. However, you can file up to 50 T4 slips on paper.

    Complete one copy of the T4 slip for each employee and send them with your T4 Summary. Enter the information for two different employees on one sheet. This will allow us to process your information return faster. You must keep a copy of the T4 slips and the T4 Summary for your files.

    After you complete your paper return, mail it to the:

    Ottawa Technology Centre
    875 Heron Road
    Ottawa ON K1A 1G9

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